When you create your hyperlink which of these statements ring true?

  • write a link into you document only to find out later it doesn't work
  • want to write a link from your document and it takes you longer to find how to do it than write the document
  • expect the link you put into you blog post is going to give you some link love – but doesn't because it's WRONG

Now you are able to create and check your links – on the fly. Have the search engines love you – AND – even more important have your readers love – by being able to get to what you are directing them to read.

  • Links That Work – First Time
  • Correctly Formatted Code
  • Increase Your Link Love
  • Insert Both Text And Image Links (Ver 1.3)

Rightlinker – a hyperlink creator – is a simple tool. It just does what it's designed to do. Without fuss and bother. Non-coders or the less technically savvy are often confused about what they have to write to have their text link correctly formatted to go back to a home page or from their article to a reference source. For Internet Marketers in a hurry, here's a way to create a hyperlink to your money page and verify it works without having to put the code live on your site to test it and find it doesn't. Don't waste traffic!

Get your copy of RightLinker NOW!

This tool creates hyperlinks works as described. Let me know if there are errors and they will be corrected. If your friends or colleagues would like a copy – great – send them here to RightLinker (as updates are published they can also be notified).

Make Images Clickable

People click on pictures and images being naturally drawn to the picture. Sometimes clicking on it out of curiosity, interest or even boredom. Best is to give them a reason to click. Rightlinker is able to create the image hyperlink code to turn your great images into powerful clickable buttons, simply and easily. All you […]

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